Dominica Zip code

What is Dominica zip code?

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The  Commonwealth of Dominica is often confused with the Spanish speaking country Dominican Republic which shares its boundaries with Haiti and is located in the Greater Antilles, in addition to this there is a misconception when it comes to finding Dominica zip code,  while the Dominica Zip code 00109-8000 ensures mail isn’t miss-sent to the Dominican republic, Dominica zip code is often confuse with Dominica Postal code which is quite different altogether.


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  1. I lived in Dominica in 1960 just for nine months and was the most enjoyable time I can remember, People were very nice and helpful. I would like to know of the Julian family. who lived in Roseau . One of the sons was Bernard, one daughter was Vern, on Marlborough Street. Same street as the Police Head Quarters. I rented from that family at that time. Charles Dolcey

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