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How to make Soursop Tea

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Graviola (Soursop) tea

Sour sop known to many as graviola or (spanish guanabana) has been know for ages for its medicinal uses and properties including treatment for sleep disorders, bedbugs, fevers, cough etc.

However recently there has been an increase in the demand for this graviola fruit due to its recently discovered medicinal value which some studies suggest that graviola may be used in the treatment/cure for cancer.

One of the question ask by many is, “how to make sour sop tea” using the sour sop leaves.

Here I will explain how it has been done traditional.

1 Serving.

How to make Soursop Tea for Medicinal uses

1.  Pick 2- 3 sour sop leaves from the sour sop tree (if you have access to one), Ensure that the leaves are not too mature. The mature leaves are normally deeper green in color. The idea is to get sour sop leaves that are in great shape

2.   Add 1 cup of water in a small pot and bring it to a boil.

3.  Cut the sour sop leaves into smaller pieces by tearing it apart; each leaf in three pieces.

4.  Place the gravoila (sour sop) leaves in your tea cup (glass, cup) and pour the boiling water on it then cover for 30mins – 1 hour ( this process is commonly called drawing the tea).

5.  Drink warm or cold – you may add sugar and milk for taste.

Note: The senor folks always tell me “do not pick bush for tea after 6: pm when the sun is down” I don’t know why, but it may be a good thing to note.

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103 thoughts on “How to make Soursop Tea”

  1. Thanks a lot for the information. This would assist my uncle who is presently fighting his prostate cancer (stage 4).

    God bless.

  2. I am grateful for this information. I have known about soursop for quite some time and have taken the leaves as tea very many times.
    I have prepared not exactly as is described here because I cut the leaves with knives, not tea it with my hands, and I take both the mature and younger leaves, not only the younger leaves.
    I did not know that it is good for cough. Incidentally I have cough now so, I am going to try it.

    Thanks and regards.

    Prince Pieray Awele Odor

  3. All that you have said is true. I have been using soursop leaves pretty often in the last few weeks to help me sleep as work related stress have kept me awake many nights. I’m glad you are letting others know about this natural way to induce sleep. the side effects are nil.

  4. Since I learnt about graviola, I have tried experimenting on the herbal uses as I believe very much in the efficacy of herbs since most medicines derive their origin from them. So far after a month of trials, I am feeling the result is good. I made the tea from the tree leaves, stem, roots by boiling all in water for just when the water boils and later cool the tea and store in the refridgerator to drink a glass thrice daily. I am still watching for any health change since I do not have any particular ailment as my health appears quite sound at almost 72

    1. Yould you be so very kind to let me know were can I purchase the leafs from the graviola tree, if you can? Thank you kindly, regards Nadia

        1. I am being treated for cancer and am interesed in trying this. My daughter sent me this information but I have no idea how to obtain it. Can it be grown in the U.S.?
          I live in zone 9 (Southern Georgia.)

          1. hi ginny,
            I dont sure if this plant will grow in georgia, however, try get hold of it because
            it is the sleeping bomb for cancer. for cancer treamen, it`s best to use a combination of the bark, leaf, and the stem.most efective when combine the three together in to a bucket or other container boil enough warter then fill container with boiling warter then cover container when warter warm and store for three days or longer, then have a cup thre times per day for three weeks. for any questions you can email me at

          2. Hi everyone. I am trying to get some people to share their experiences with soursop tea. For those who have been using the tea as a cancer treatment or know of someone who has been using it, could you please share your experience with us? Has Sour Sop Tea Cured Your Cancer or Improved Your Health? Share You Story or go to where you will find the topic.

            I would also welcome preparation methods that have worked for you and any recipes you have for making something delicious with the fruit. Thanks and best wishes for a healthy life to everyone.

            To the author: Great information.

        2. hello,

          my name is anna and my father has the cancer. I read about the graviola leafs. Please send it to me if you have them. I can pay you over the mail.

          Thank you in advance,


          anna skevin

          1. Hi,

            you would have to email me the address to
            where you want me to send the leafs, bark,
            and stem. thats what you need.

      1. you can call el chino nursery in miami and chino can send you a tree. keep it away from frost. I keep it in my garage during cold season and late spring and summer out in the large pot.

  5. Soursop leaves can be found anywhere in jamaica as it grows wild and its very good for your health

  6. I have a soursop tree and for the first time I’ll try the tea. I have digestive issues that I hope it will go away.

  7. I have tried the leaves many times and have proven it to be very effective – relaxes you to bed – then the sour sop is excellent for the intestines and bowel movement, I find

  8. Hi! I am from the Philippines and a cancer survivor. We do have guyabano tree all around and all year round, that’s why we were able to come up with a raw organic guyabano tea ( has leaves and bark of the tree ), not the tea bag type, not fermented, not processed. All we did was cut the stem ( with leaves ), chop into small pieces, air dry and grind it. We have sent the tea to Australia and US. We only sell it for $4.50 per pouch ( could make 12 to 14 liters ), but the buyer shoulders the shipment cost. Should anyone be interested, email me at I’ve been getting inquiries from New Jersey, Texas and New Zealand. By the way, this product os also BFAD ( Phils.) approved.

    1. I am from Philippines, I am have hypertension my B.P. always ranges from 140 to 160 over 110 for more than 5 years. i am only 42 yrs old, my hypertension started as early as 35 yrs old. only last april 2012 i’ve learned this graviola is very effective in hypertension. also i have insomnia since college days as early as 19 yrs old.Since i started taking Guanabana tea my B.P. and Insomnia becomes normal.

      I have 150,000 SQUAREMETER FARM IN PHILIPPINES, if i can get a big market of this GRAVIOLA LEAVES AND FRUIT I WILL PROPAGATE TO HELP CANCER PATIENTS IN THE WORLD. any body who are interested to be my regular buyer later on please email me (Email add:

  9. I am amage to read about such healing fruit, my sister suffer with cancer and she just started on this tea and we will see how it work.. chemo make her so sick. this is a blessing, we will be getting more

  10. I read about the wonder guyabano tea and I have started taking it. How safe is it when taken with my prescribed treatment for my condition which is “multiple – myeloma cancer” at early stage. When should I expect to feel the signs of recovery. I would like to know the best dosage to take. I am currently taking one glass in the morning, one in the afternoon and one before bedtime.

  11. Can this wonder tree heal a breast cancer that has been spread to every part of the body including joint, and how best to use/take the tree, i mean does it have dose?

  12. The soursop leaf may be even more beneficial to us than the fruit itself, some of its uses are well known by herbalists around the world and we should take advantage of the . If your are not a cancer patient and this is readily available to you please do not take it for granted, us it as a form of prevention.

    1. From what I have been able to research in spanish websites, eating the fruit itself is more powerfull than chemo, one a day is what they recomend to eliminate tumors, the way they recomend to drink the tea is to boil about 20 leaves in a gallon of water and let it boil until a fourth of the water has evaporated, drink this like water throughout the day it is recomended you drink it for 10 consecutive days once a month… I just started doing the tea for my husband, don’t know if it works yet, but I sure have faith… good luck

  13. you said leaves but if i have the small tea bags how can i do for a good tea with the best results? thank you

  14. One of my best friends was one step away from 4th stage colon cancer. She did begin chemo and after 5 chemo treatments and drinking the sour sop tea twice a day for about 3 1/2 months, she is cancer free. She was also borderline diabetic and now her sugar levels are normal. I have started drinking this now as the trees here are abundant. If you have cancer and receiving treatment, drink this tea.

    1. hi dear,
      i am in united arab emirates,from where i can get this graviola leafs?because one of my nearest friend need this treatment,plz help me to find these leafs,i will be very thanksful to you,my cell numb is 00971551661700.

    2. Hello there i just read you comment and im very interested in finding out where your friend purchased the leave from i am looking for them everywhere please if you could be so kind to find out and let me know i would really appreciate it as my mum has stage 4 cancer

    3. I have just heard of these Guanabana leaves and that it is good for cancer. My mom has stage 4 bone cancer and I want to try this tea. How do I prepare this and how many times a wk should she drink this??

  15. The usefulness of the soursop leaves :
    1. Killing cancer cells without disrupting healthy cells in tubuh
    2. Attacking the cancer cell safely and effectively, without feeling of nausea, the weight descendence , hair fell like that happened in kemotherapy
    3. Protecting the system of body immunity and preventing from the infection
    4. Effectively chosing the target and killing bad cells from 12 types of different cancer, The large intestine, breasts, the prostate, the lungs, the pancreas, serviks, and leukimia
    5. slowing down the growth of the cancer cell, his efficiency 10,000 times were stronger compared to andriamycin and therapy kemo that was normal use
    6. Increasing body immunity and preventing acid
    7. Helping the process of recuperation.
    8. Anti tumour or cancer that is really strong

  16. I would like to have access to the leaves or trees i will pay to have these trees shipped. Please tell me how to get these products that I can trust Thank you. Cindy Crone 330-478-5122 or 330-284-5323 I live in Ohio.

  17. How much and how long I have to continue drinking sour sop tea to get rid of cancer?where can I get sour sop tea If I live in Houston Texas USA?

  18. if this is true about the sour sop woww considering i have the tree in my back yard and didnt know the real benefits…holla at me if you want to try this amazing fruit

  19. we can supply sour sop leaves,sour sop dry leaves,fruit for further clarification pls contact me on 09043346391

  20. I have a house in brazil with several Gravolia plants in the yard, I have been making tea by cutting off 10 leaves and boiling in a put then letting sit for 30 min, tea tastes good, no idea if I am getting any health benefits as I drink every morning and night

      1. Are you in Dom Republic? All of centeral america and south america this should be a native plant / tree. Buy the fruit at the store, dry and plant the seeds in the sub tropical climate good soil will grow fast.

  21. FOR: . Cindy Crone

    As part as I know each the seeds or the tree are not allowed to ship specially if that tree are not groeing in specific country.

    Please email me
    I will try what can I do to help you. We do have lots of that tree in our backyard and I always make a tea every night for my husband.
    Looking forward for your response.


  22. To everybody who needs help to find this guyabano leaves, tea, tree. I can help you out. As far as I know we are not allowed to send a seeds specially if that place don’t have this kind of fruits/vegetables seeds.

    Email me

  23. I am from India .My wife age70 years is a cancer patient and had chemo therapy thrice in 15 years..reacurance of cancer.
    Pl let me know from where I can get the Soursop
    tree leaves or fruit etc
    Kindly guide me .

    1. the sour sop tree is very common in Jamaica, it is in abundance. i would suggest coming here and try to see if you might have any Indian friends that are working here so as to get the leaves but i would recommend that you get 1 of the small plants. all the best, tika.

  24. Im unmaried,my age is 27 years..I hve fibroid in my uterus in my posterior wall about 7 cms..can u suggest some treatment for this problem

    1. people please bear in mind that the sour sop is not 100% effective, its just like anything else that someone might take and some persons may have different side-effects.

  25. Can Guanabana be purchased and sent to The United States? I have been recently been diagnosed with breasted cancer and am interested in trying.

    1. i have family living in the USA and what my mom does is sent some leaves each time someone is visiting Jamaica.

  26. HI am from puertorico I have a tree of guanabana sour tree if any one interested to buy the soursop leaves i sell them i ship any where in the usa 60 fresh leaves for $15.00 free shipping for inf. sent me a email thanks and God bless you

  27. We purchased the crushed leaves for tea. I have a friend who has bone cancer. Would this help him? Can he start taking it when he is in Kemo? He said he would not went to treatment if he wouldve know about this or about the red reeshi mushroom(which also helps cancer). They said he cannot take the mushroom while in Kemo.

    1. I just met a young lady diagnosed with breast cancer spread to the bones and was given 3 months to live; that was back in 2010. She took those 3 months to detox and refortify the immune system with natural therapies then began radiation – she refused kemo. She takes many natural remedies at the same time with 2 other cancer medications, including drinking soursop tea as her only water daily. So far so good. You wouldn’t believe she has bone cancer by just looking at her. She said she lost all her hair but its back again. She prepares the tea this way: a big handful in a pot of hot water, does not let it boil, just simmer a few minutes then lets it sit overnight. In the morning strains and refrigerates it. That’s all. She also drinks vegetable juices, avoids sugar and bacteria in her body among other things. She’s proof you can mix and match therapies.

      1. Hi Luisa! May i know for many days will the refrigerated soursop tea good for consumption? Want to try it for myself.

  28. how many times a day should this tea be consumed for it to be consumed correctly for medical use?

  29. My grandmom brought me so Guanabana leaf from Mexico but they are dried leaf. Can you still boiled them and make your tea.

  30. my sister is suffering from 4th stage of ovarian and utrus cancer. she already had 4 cycles of chemos. she has started taking soursop tea.

    can she take this tea daily? should there be any break in between? if so how long?

    1. She can drink it for 6 weeks then take a 2 week break and drink Noni juice, then continue on the soursop tea. 10 leaves,6 cups of water boil down to 3 cups and drink 3 times daily(warm). Dont use the freshly picked leaves since they contain a high level of chlorophyll which is bad for the liver used leaves 2-3 days old.

  31. My granddaughter is 14 and has diabetes”one” how much should she take a day,I have the plant and make 8 leaves to 6 cups of water evey 2 days, is that too much?

    1. Someone came to me with the so many disadvantages of this wonderful plant. I have been so happy and glad at its discovery but he got me scared? Could you please tell me some of the DISADVANTAGES?
      I am still very optimistic about your posts on the plant but I am scared and I really really need your help?
      Thanks while I am waiting.

      1. Samuel, To this date the only negative effects that have been reported include fatigue and an increase in the possibility of developing Parkinson’s disease.

        The studies that found an increased risk in Parkinson’s were done with extremely high amounts of the fruit ingested and if eaten in moderation this was not seen as a side effect. Also, with the regard to the fatigue, this is associated with consumption of the leaves and tree bark, which may be included in the tea but you will not ingest with the fruit or juice.

  32. Has anyone ever tried to use this on animals suffering from cancer? My cat was diagnosed this morning with kidney cancer and I have the leaves already.

  33. My sister_ in_law is diagnosed stage 3 lung cancer. She have undergone chemotheraphies tc.
    She is tired of chemotheraphies because it she said that it is not helping her. So she have h heard about this guyabano or sour sop leaves, and she is interested in trying it. How many leaves does she have to use, and how many cups in a day, and how many weeks, does she have to drink this in her condition.
    Thank you so much..

  34. its amazing.i have the soursop tree at my backyard but didnt know all these.we hardly eat the fruits of it because its common everywhere here in nigeria.thanks for opening our eyes.we even cut the tree for firewood!.what a waste

  35. It is really working for I heard of a woman that had a concer and a nursing sister testify to us in a lifesyle promotion program in Bukuru plateau state Nigeria, that she has used the soursop to treat that patient who is well today. So is real and it works.

  36. I have read all through on how to make the sour sop tea.
    I don’t know the plant and I cannot find it here in Gombe state,Nigeria. I don’t know if you could assist in telling me where to find d plant here in Nigeria, specific.

    Thank you .

  37. The reason for not picking the leaves after 6 p.m. is that the trees are thought to go into sleep mode at that time. and are therefore not at their maximum strength.

  38. I think it is best taking sour sop fruits or tea from the trees grown in a biodynamic manner as the plants absorb herbicides, heavy metals, pesticides. I use bio pesticides, bio fungicides, bio nutrients from microbs and planted them onto soil imported from virgin forest for best results.

  39. Sour sop leaves are noticed to be some 10,000 times as potent as chemo. Can anyone get the WHO involved, so that the poor cancer patients do not lose their money and lives plus the sufferings to enrich some others?

  40. I think, to accelerate cancer relief and/or healing using sour sop leaves, add in juice from and/or mangosteen which are anti cancer, anti microbial, anti hiv, anti ageing, and make our blood alkaline. Also take deep breaths( breathing in by the count of eight and exhaling by the count of ten. Also drink alkaline water. I have a “self healing” method for any health problem. I can share with someone who believe in me and at his/her own risk

  41. Instead of sour sop leaves, some cancer patients had tried using alocasia macrorrhiza and had achieved good results. Their compliant is its acridity. Don’t worry, it is caused by the calcium oxalate present in the tubers’ skin. Long heating can take care of it. As they are also a source of DHEA( dehydrolised epiandrosterone) I had planted several hundred thousands biodynamically. I invite bona fide jv partners to exploit them together

  42. I am a 100 percent beleiver of sour sop is so sad that so many lifes have been taken by cancer.and the use of medicine ..i had a liver tumor i drank 1 sour sop tea bad a day went back for a second mri tumor was gone it works..i personally could tell you that it does i am living proof ..god bless all that have cancer and by all means fight it and you will beat it

    1. Robert, Im so glad for you ! I believe that many medicines or herbal origin are covered up and not utilised to thei full capacity. It’s great to know about and would utilise it myself as a preventative measure..but where is safe to buy this..the genuine soursop for tea? There are too many exploiters out there

  43. I have read sour sop prohibits rapid growth of cells – like in cancer. However, it should not be used by a pregnant women. It is native to Costa Rica; some people eat it daily for years. Excessive use can lead to nerve damage. I use the fruit in shakes several times each month.

  44. It is known by tha old mayan healers to pick the leafs of an erb in the day time from sun ip to sun down because that is when the sap is runing thruogh the plant and if you ar going to use the root then the best time is in the night time because the sap returns to the roots at night wile the plant sleeps.

  45. Hello, I have a graviola tree in FL and sent some leaves to my daughter you lives in CA as priority mail (they do not guarantee overnight in her area) they do not do so well. I didn’t put them in plastic but the envelope did have the bubble inner wrap. Is there a better way to ship them without bruising the leaves and arrive in better shape?

  46. We have around 300 fruit bearing graviola trees out of 1 thousand trees planted. Interested we can mail air tight pack dried leaves. In 1 or 2 kgs package, We also have pure graviola leaves extracts.

    1. Hello I have cancer and would like to purchase the soursop leaves! I live in Florida.
      Please tell me how!

  47. My grandpa has a prostate problem he was drinking the soursop tea for 30 days. Can he repeat it for 30 more days? And if he can any harm that can cause. Doctors think it may be cancer but he is older and biopsy it is not an option. Thank you

  48. Please, I want to know if I can use the gwana bana leaf tea against thyroid growh, and for how long can I take it.Thank you .

  49. I would like to know the best place where to purchase Sour Sop tea leaves and how the leaves should be stored . Also what is the shelf life of the leaves after opening them .

  50. I have used Sour Sop tea for about a year. Had breast cancer, now in remission. Did Chemo for awhile, did not like the feeling it left me, grumpy, not able to sleep, tired a lot. I make my Sour sop tea ths way. I clean 8 leaves, put them into a pot with 4 cups of water, bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium for 30 minutes. Strain the tea with a aluminum strainer. Drink this tea which is pleasant to the taste, or add some honey, drink warm. I was told to make this tea either in a glass pot or an aluminum pot. We have a lot of Sour Sop trees in Hawaii. Until I was diagnosed with Cancer, I had never tried this tea. Several Asian women told me about these leaves, and made me some tea, I liked the mild flavor, and take it now daily. Share with everyone I know who has cancer, or any other ammune problems. Aloha, Donna

  51. Do you know how long after picking the leaves I can keep them, before making into tea? Should they be stored in a fridge? I am in Mexico and a local warned me to store them properly and use quickly.

  52. Good morning. I was diagnosed with Non-hodgkin Lymphoma (blood cancer) and I want to ask about the soursop and other fruit supplements that I can use.

    I rejected chemo due to the adverse effect in the body system.

    Moreso, can soursop tea be combined with tumeric and honey ?


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