Dominican President’s Ensign

President’s Ensign

Reference must also be made to the President’s Ensign which incorporates the Coat of Arms on a forest green background.

Following the tradition of independent countries the President, who is also Head of State, is empowered under section 14 of the President’s Emoluments and Conditions of Office Act, 1982 (Act No. 16 of 1982) to use a personal standard. It is important to note that unlike the National Flag, the President’s Ensign should be flown continuously over a building day and night once the President is in residence. This rule also applies to the ensign used on the President’s means of transport.

The Ensign being a personal standard is never flown at half-mast except in the event of the death of the President. Should an occasion demand that a flag be flown at half-mast, at the President’s residence or office, the National Flag should be used.

Like the National Flag, there are certain codes of etiquette which apply. For example, on special days of national significance, the National Flag should be flown at the President’s Official residence together with the President’s Ensign to the left of it, and at the same height but on separate flagstaffs.