Quadrille – Dominica’s Traditional Dance

Quadrille Dance

Quadrille is square dance that was first introduced in the villages of Petite Savanne and Petite Soufriere since these villages were formed by French fashion. The dance was transmitted to various villages in Dominica and intensified where large estates were established; Penville, Paix-Bouche, Castle Bruce, La Plaine, Riviere Cyrique. It flourishes today as a prime arty expression in communities usually during the Independence celebrations. It features flirtation where the dancers execute an “avansé” and flirt with each other.

In order for it to be performed four figures are needed and they are repeated in the order as shown in the table below. However, there are four variations to the dance and it may be altered. It is quite lengthy but once performed correctly gives off a great ambiance.


Kweyol (Creole)

Local Name

First Figure Pwèmyé fiji Pastowèl
Second Figure Dèzyénm fiji La Poul
Third Figure Twazyénm Lété
Fourth Figure Dènyé fiji La Trinitèz

Source: Phillip, Daryl and Gary Smith PhD. Heritage Dances of Dominica. Division of Culture and Community Development. 1998