Historical Events

Dominica Historical Events

Date: 1763
British took over Dominica by the Treaty of Paris

Date: 1760s
Ships began to bring thousands of enslaved people to work on newly established sugar cane plantations

Date: 3rd November 1493
Allegedly Discovered by Christopher Columbus and claimed for Spain.

Date: 1627
Dominica Claimed for England by Earl of Carlisle (no settlement)

31st March 1660
Agreement between the Caribs, French and English that Dominica will be left for the Caribs

18th October 1748 – 6th June 1761
Neutral territory (as agreed by France and Britain)

6th June 1761
Britain Occupation

10th February 1763
Colonized by the British

7th September 1778 – January 1784
French Rule

January 1784
British Colony

1833 – 1st January 1940
Part of the Leeward Island colony

1st January 1940 – 1st January 1960
Part of the Windward Island colony

3rd January 1958 – 31st May 1962
Part of the Federation of the West Indies

1st March 1967
Associated State

3rd November 1978
Dominica received its Independence & Constitution
1765 – 1768
Portsmouth became Capital of Dominica (Capital is now Roseau)

4th July 1903
Carib Territory Established