Dominica Postal Code

What is Dominica Postal Code?

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Dominica does have a Postal Code

I view this as an urgent post. Many people have been inquiring about the postal code for Dominica. After confirming with the postmaster of Dominica we can officially say that the postal code for Dominica is “00152”.

Dominica Postal code is often confuse with Dominica Zip Code which is quite different altogether.

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8 thoughts on “What is Dominica Postal Code?”

    1. I so happens that I am from Dominica and currently leaves in Dominica. I can confirm 100% that this is the actually Postal code for the island. Any thing else is would be incorrect.

  1. so which do we use tao ask someone to ship a package to? zip conde or postal code? moat places i think its the same thing

  2. This website says –

    Postal Code is: 00152
    Zip Code is: 00109-8000

    And, it specifically states that they are two entirely different things… Can someone please clarify what the difference is and when to properly use each?

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