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Tsunami threat in Caribbean

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Tsunami threat in Caribbean Pose by Volcanic Activities

Paris – Tsunami waves unleashed by the collapse of an unstable volcano on the Caribbean island of Dominica would hit the highly populated coast of nearby Guadeloupe within minutes, according to a new study.

“It’s not a case of ‘if’ this landslide and tsunami will happen, but ‘when’,” lead researcher Richard Teeuw, a geologist at the University of Portsmouth, said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The trigger will probably be a major earthquake, occurring after the heavy rain and coastal erosion of the hurricane season. It could happen in a hundred years or it could happen next week.”

Up to 30 000 residents and tourists along the coast of Guadeloupe, a French territory 50km north of Dominica, would have almost no time to seek higher ground, according to the study.

Million ton chunk of rock

A million-ton chunk of rock from the unstable volcano, called Devil’s Peak, is poised to crash into the sea, and would produce tsunami waves up to three metres (10 feet) high, the geologists calculated.

Such a landslide could also weaken an additional three million tonnes of rock upslope, potentially resulting in larger waves of up to five metres (16 feet).

The result would likely be severe property damage and possible loss of life, according to the study, published in the newsletter of the American Geophysical Union.

‘Perfect setting for tsunami run-up’

“Guadeloupe is a densely populated island with popular tourist beaches, many of which are wide with low angle gradients,” a perfect setting for so-called “tsunami run-up” and increased wave heights, Teeuw said.

“This part of the world is well-prepared for hurricane hazards, but is relatively unprepared for the rapid impact of a tsunami.”

In places, there is no protection from coral reefs which otherwise might absorb some of the tsunami wave energy.

The unstable rock formation on Devil’s Peak was left exposed several thousand years ago after an earlier collapse. Since then, coastal erosion has undercut cliffs under the volcano.

Teeuws and colleagues made their discovery after carrying out geological surveys backed up by 3-D images from Google Earth, which show clearly visible tension cracks.

A survey next year will assess the seafloor along the margin of the volcano to better estimate the likelihood of a tsunami event.

Dominica has the highest concentrations of potentially active volcanoes in the world. The area is regularly exposed to hurricanes and occasional severe seismic activity.

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11 thoughts on “Tsunami threat in Caribbean”

  1. We all must be prepared for those things because it is written in the bible, the end is approaching all we have to do is accept Christ before it is to late.

  2. Nonsense it wont happen next week or in a thousand years! It just a potential. These geologist! The same way my home state of California is suppose to disappear into a fault the size of the Indian ocean after the Big One! Yeah right. Dominica is one of my fav destination since I discovered it 10 years ago and trust me I will be there again and again and visit Guadeloupe just to spite these geologist. Ain’t nothing gonna happen. As far as these idiotic bible thumpers here…NO WORLD is going to end at the hand of god we are the ones who are going to do it ourselves! The bible is fake and so is your god!

  3. First of all there is no volcano called Devil’s Peak in Dominica. Use the real name, Morne Aux Diables. I don’t care if that name is the translated english version. That’s not the name of the mountain. Not my problem if the rest of the world can’t pronounce or understand the words. Just respect the name of our mountain. And as for the predictions of doom, I soppose that what’s his name geologist wants to make a name for himself. Good luck.

  4. one more thing. all of Dominica’s potentially active volcanos are dormant and have been for centuries. The occasional severe seismic activity, what a crock. Overexageration.

  5. the bible says when we see these things we must look up for our redemtion draw’s near. we just have to pray, and and live everything in the hands of the almighty. what ever will be will be. God bless the island of Dominica.

  6. I am originally from the Clifton, which is located to the extreme north of the island, I have never heard of Devil’s Peak,man predicts but god decides. God will preseve our us, he is our keeper. 2 chronicles 7:4 ” If my people , which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. To my family and friends in Guadeloupe and Dominica remember we are covered by God’s unlvailing love. Let God take control.

  7. I am from the Island and never thought there were so many and so concentrated. Thanks for the education. In reference to calamities,The entire world is filled with potential disasters that can happen at any time. For eg: an earth tremor or quake happens more frequently than you think. Check the seismic web sites. One should not live in fear because of that. One should thank the Geologist for the info, but most of all, Know that God is in control. God does not give his people a spirit of fear. I encourage your readers therefore to know and Love God and each other.

  8. most people are forgetting that when the volcano happen in Montserrat we felt it and Dominica has many volcanoes not on land only also under the sea so if any earthquake shakes Dominica to hardly there’s a possibility these volcanoes might be activated so pray to god people cus no one new that Haiti would have an earth quake but it happened and if it happen to us may the lord have mercy on us .

  9. I remember those days so well. My Mom, Sister, and I use to go to paddock to pick mangoes. We ate mangoes anytime of the day or night until we couldn’t eat anymore 🙂
    Some of my favorite mangoes are the long mango, fine skin mango,and grafted mango.

    Dominica is really blessed! I am not making this statement because I am a Dominican, but because it is true. We have so much to be thankful for and yet sometimes we complain about what we do not have. What about what we do have? An abundance of water, trees to protect or land from erosion, and so many different fruits and vegetables to nourish our bodies.
    I urge every Dominican who has read my post to please take a minute if you have not already, and give God thanks for blessing Dominica with plenty.

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