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Mango Season on the island of Dominica

Art & Culture | April 29, 2009 | Comments 3

Juicy, flavorful mangoes area cultural phenomena in Dominica; people of all ages; all walks of life; gather under these beautiful trees looking for the perfect mango.

They knock down these mangoes by throwing something at the stem that holds the mango.

Then they calmly reach out with one hand to catch it! Amazing! I have flung many a stone or old mango working to perfect my skills and get that perfect mango – ripe but firm; aromatic; without a bruise or mark.

Success is rare but I never give up as I enjoy those mangoes a lot more than the ones I get at market!

Mango (Magnifera indica), known locally as mangue is native to East Asia and now grown in nearly all tropical areas of the world.

Locally it is related to the Cashew, Hog Plum and Golden Apple.

The ripe mango, half ripe mango, unripe mango, unripe small mango (about torch bulb size), mango kernel or seed, the skin, the sap, the leaves, the wood and the bark are all used.

Enjoy  this mango season and remember keep the rivers clean 🙂

This article is taken from the Physical Examiner; written by Trudy Scott Prevost.

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3 thoughts on “Mango Season on the island of Dominica”

    1. I hate to say this, but mangoes are the bane of my extseince here. We have 5 huge mango trees surrounding our house and they are always, I mean ALWAYS bearing fruit. We can’t possibly eat them all. I had our neighbor dig a mango pit and we’ve resorted to burying them in the pit. When they drop heavily, it is usually about 5 wheelbarrows full of mangoes a day. They drop on our tin roof causing a fright every time they bang! I love the mangoes and the shade that they provide, but I really need a mango break! Last year I got a frozen shoulder from raking the mangoes everyday. Who would have ever thought that we’d be inundated with mangoes? lol

  1. Oh Dominica, how magestic are mountains
    How lovely are your valleys
    How endless are your lakes and rivers
    How fertile is your soil
    How gracious are your animals
    How hospitable are your people
    Oh my sweet, sweet, dominica; how i love you!

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