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Dominica Labour Party wins the 2009 Election in Domincia

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The Dominica labour party has once again capture the  majority seats in paliment  thus  awarding Dominica labour party another 5years in Government.

The UWP  has remains in opposition

Victory Speech by Roosevelt Skerrit  Prime Minister of Dominica
Following Victory in the General Election
December 18, 2009

Fellow Dominicans, friends and well wishers…To God be the glory…Great things he hath done!

We have come to the end of a necessary, but arduous process of electing a new administration, to manage the affairs of government for the next five years.

I am grateful, but humbled, that you have once again reposed your confidence in the Dominica Labour Party.

On behalf of the candidates of the Dominica Labour Party, and also on behalf of the officers and members of that great institution, I would like to thank you, most sincerely, for your vote of confidence and endorsement.

I wish, first, to congratulate the first time Parliamentary Representatives-in-Waiting; those who ran as candidates of the Dominica Labour Party, as well as those elected on the ticket of the United Workers Party. I look forward to your able contributions in Parliament, and also to your servicing the needs of your respective constituencies.

At the end of the last Parliament, we bid farewell to several retiring Parl Reps. I am satisfied this evening that their places in Parliament will be aptly taken and filled by the new members.

I also congratulate the returning Members of Parliament, to whom the first timers will look for support and guidance.

My commiserations are extended also to those who did not quite make it on this occasion. I hope they will be gracious in defeat and will accept the will and verdict of voters.

I believe that Dominica is the ultimate winner this evening; for we have successfully demonstrated to the region and the world, our capacity to conduct a peaceful and democratic election, in which the will of the majority of voters has been respected and granted.

Fellow Dominicans, when I set the date of December 18th as General Elections Day, I was fully conscious and cognizant of the fact that it was seven days to Christmas, and that an immediate transition would have to be made for us to foster and reflect the true and intended spirit of the season.

I had confidence in the Dominica Labour Party to win this election.
I also had confidence in the voters and other residents of Dominica to make the necessary transition, in a rather short period of time, so that the spirit and atmosphere of the season could be harnessed and reflected in our actions and attitudes one to the other.

Tonight, the victors will, I am sure, celebrate their success…and we must make provision for that!

This has been a long and sometimes bruising general elections campaign, and celebration of victory is definitely in order.

Members and supporters of the Dominica Labour Party are by now heading to Portsmouth, where our party’s celebrations will take place.

I want for these celebrations to be lively, but in good taste. There is no room for acrimony or gloating. We accept our victory, with humility.

It being seven days to Christmas, I do not want for Dominica to remain divided. I want for us to close ranks and embrace the triumph of our democracy.

I therefore will be advising my party to suspend formal celebrations after tonight, until a designated period in the New Year, when I look forward to expressing our thanks and appreciation to the voters of Dominica, in grand and traditional style.

It is my intention therefore, after consultation with the private sector, to declare a public holiday in the month of January, so that the country can truly celebrate and savor the achievement of our having conducted a peaceful and conclusive process of electing a new government.

This campaign, Ladies and Gentlemen, has had its unfortunate moments. The quality and level of public, media and platform debate has not always been what it should be, and there will be scars.

My wish is for us to sign on to the goal and spirit of moving this country forward…indeed, to the next level.

I appeal to the victors, to temper jubilation with dignity, humility and respect.

The voters are the ultimate arbiters and they have passed judgment on issues of relevance in the campaign.

Let us reach out and seek to close ranks as soon as possible.
To those who wanted change and did not succeed, I say to you ‘the people have spoken’!

The will of the voters has been determined! Please be gracious in defeat and let us move on with the building of our nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the margins of victory in most constituencies have been relatively large. It rules out any ambiguity as to the intention of voters.

Dominicans today voted for a return of the Dominica Labour Party to office. That is a reality that cannot be denied and is not worthy of challenge!

It therefore behooves us all to accept the result, as the will and wish of the country, and to curtail partisan, abusive and empty rhetoric.
As Prime Minister Designate, I resume normal work tomorrow. I hope to be in a position to name my new-look Cabinet of ministers by Monday, the 28th day of December, so we can start the New Year with a sense of direction and purpose.

Accordingly, I urge citizens to embrace the results of this election. Also, to make the necessary transition to the Christmas and yuletide season, so we can welcome relatives and friends to our shores in the spirit of peace, love and harmony.

I therefore take this opportunity to thank you once again for returning the Dominica Labour Party to office.

We take your new mandate seriously, and shall endeavor not to disappoint.

It is therefore not too early for me to wish one and all, God’s richest blessings in the season ahead; as we look forward to a bright and prosperous 2010.

May God bless us all! May God bless our nature isle Dominica.

Once again, Dominica, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Good night!!

taken from the Dominica Labour Party website

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