How to Become Acceptable to God

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Quit Trying to Make God Accept You!

Are you living your life from day to day doing your utmost best with the glorious hope that God “who judges fairly” will accept you? If your answer to the question was “yes”, then my advise to you right now is “Quit trying!”.

If you were judged by your good works you have so exhibited, do you believe that you could stand a chance before God? The scriptures tells us in Romans:3:10-12 “There is none righteous, no, not one…. There is none that doeth good, no, not one.” You have said that in times of old God accepted man base on their obedience to the law; and you were wrong. When I look closely at the Word of God, I cannot help be realize that God has always accepted people base on their faith in him rather than their works whether in the old testament or the new testament.

Lets look at Abraham, did God accepted Abraham because of what he did? The scriptures say “God accepted Abraham because Abraham believed God and it was credited unto him as righteousness . See God Accepted Abraham only when he believed ( Abrahams good works were only a bi-product of the salvation he have received) . There is only one way that God makes us acceptable unto him and this is by faith, believing in him that he send his son into the world and trusting in him.

In like manner we to can become acceptable to God even this moment if we only put our faith and confidence in Jesus. no need to worry about works, works will follow naturally. Some of you maybe saying “I have never trusted the Lord nor have I truly put my faith in Jesus; Well what a wonderful time to come to know him as Lord, Just say this pray from your heart

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