Ruth Augustine

Proud to be from the Nature Island of the Caribbean

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Meet Ruth Augustine – Proud Dominican

Proud to be from the Nature Island of the Caribbean – DOMINICA you can only expect the best in Natural Beauty. I am 20 years old Ruth Rea Augustine from Roseau the capital of Dominica.

I describe myself with a genuine personality one who enjoys socializing. I’m in love with Nature which allows my passion as a Model in the making; I am 5.9 in height, slim, 110 IIB, Simply means I’m in love with the cameras. I love traveling and I must confess Dominica my homeland with no hesitation I always regard and inform the world about when traveling. One of the first question I ask people when I travel, do you know Dominica?

There answer is Yes interestingly they are referring to the Dominican Republic our country in being mistaken majority of the time so I not only say do you know Dominica I say do you know the Nature island of the Caribbean Dominica.The country is sweet we as citizen just need to make the right choices and we will make it throughand appreciate the Resources that we have and be proud. According to my motivator Amorelle: The road to Success is not straight! There is a curve called Failure! A loop called confusion! Speed Bumps called Friends! Red lights called Enemies! Caution lights called Family! You will have flat tires called Jobs! But if you have a spare called DESTINATION an Engine called Preservance! A driver called GOD you will make it to a place Called SUCCESS.

As a proud Dominica on my own there were moments where I contributed to the development of my country. Firstly because of great passion for Education it has allowed me to contribute to young ladies being a Teacher at the St martin Primary School it showed the young ladies them that even young person’s like myself can be an instructor -which means anything we want to be once you put your best foot forward you got nothing to Regret.

Ruth Augustine Proud DominicaI have also participated in the Miss Dominica Pageant 2011 and it is an experience I will never forget though did not achieve the title, knowing that thousands of people considered me as one who could have represented Dominica was of Great privilege. In saying this experience I share with the reader that Everything you do give it your all and don’t matter the results once you are satisfied with yourself at the end you have nothing to fear just get back up and strive for another this I say to you is Never Give up. I have also modeled at the hair lecture show in 2010 and in others but not International. I am still on my way into being a Successful person in society and doing so in a positive way.

To the world DOMINICA is blessed come visit. To Dominican keep up the great work of the country and always do what you can for your country in a Good Heart.

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14 thoughts on “Proud to be from the Nature Island of the Caribbean”

  1. wonderfully said i love the way u bring out yourself and your patriotism is one that many should look up to especialy the on’s who have doubts about our great country keep doing the great work ruth your one young lady who is destin for greatness may god bless you

  2. hHI MISS RUTH! very impressive bio. i met u briefly @ our fashionshow but u and two othergirls stoodout (from my point of view)keep up the goodwork n goodluck in your future indevers!

  3. Talk about nationalism.

    Next time, you should calm down a little.

    Also, you might want to make better friends with the punctumkey.

    I missed info about yourself in the post, you seem to let your nation define you.

    You are good at using pictures.

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