Sorrel Drink

How to make Sorrel Drink

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Making Sorrel Juice using the Sorrel sepals

Sorrel Drink has been associated with the celebration of the Christmas season in Dominica for hundreds of years , it has earn its self the name “The Christmas Drink” partly due to its red Santa Claus- ish color and largely due to the time it produces the flowers sepals use for making sorrel juice as we call it locally.

Throughout the Caribbean Sorrel dink is prepared in many different ways but today I will be sharing with you how Sorrel drink is made on the Nature Island Dominica.

The following ingredients will make 2 litters of sorrel drink.

  • 1lb Sorrel Sepals
  • 1″ of Ginger
  • 5 tbsp Sugar
  • 2 liters of water
Optional Spices
  • 1 tsp cloves
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp lemon / orange peel

Directions :

Add grated ginger  to sorrel sepals then pour 2 litters of water into the pot and bring to rapid boil ( traditionally boiled on coals  to add flavor).

While boiling, add your optionals ingredients to the mixture to personalize your sorrel drink if desired.

Allow  your sorrel to boil for at lease 15mins, then remove from heat and cover to lock in the flavor.

Allow the sorrel mixture to cool off then use a fine strainer to separate the sorrel juice from the sorrel sepals.

At  this point  stir the sugar into the strained sorrel juice and  add your optional  dash of Run or wine to to preserve the drink and add to flavor.

Bottle your drink and store it in your refrigerator.  Served cold with ice!

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13 thoughts on “How to make Sorrel Drink”

  1. Since I tasted sorrel was hooked waited for my childrens dad to make….till I saw this recipe 😀 love it!!

  2. There is another traditional method of making the sorrel drink which does not include boiling the sepals/petals at all. You combine the sorrel, ginger, cloves, cinnamon stick,a few uncooked rice grains and water and leave all that to sit for about a week then you strain and add the sugar. (You may add more spices as you see fit).

  3. I guess 2 litres of sorrel would taste better than if it were litters; guess just a typographical error!

  4. I make sorrel and mauby all the time, and I use all the ingredients listed cloves and vanilla too. It is such a refreshing drink, sometimes I add a sweet red wine.

    1. peace&blessing to u can u send me your instructions on how to make mauby & sorrel from the bark.I would deeply appreciate the info.Peace & blessing.

  5. I think that the information is wonderful especially for those who don’t have the information once given to them by thier parents….GOD Bless

  6. I have just a few days ago discovered a new method for making sorrel drink. After it is boiled and cools down I tried blending everything. Then I strained it, sweetened to taste. The consistency is remarkable. I enjoyed it. Maybe some one else can try it and tell me what they think. Am Caryl Gordon you can contact me thru Facebook. Have a bless day everyone.

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