Dominica Mountain Chicken

Mountain Chicken no longer Dominica National Dish

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Dominica National Dish

Mountain Chicken or Crapaud as it is called locally  has been traditional recognized as Dominica’s National Dish for quite some time,  though in reality it was never official. The mountain chicken however is not a chicken as the name may imply but rather a rare frog found only on the Caribbean islands of Dominica and Montserrat – It has been said that it’s called a chicken because it tastes so nice!

Sadly there has seen a steady decrease in the population due to over hunting, destruction of habitat and most recently a fungal infection know as chytrid fungus; being the chief causes which impacted the population significantly bring them perilously close to extinction.

In recent times the mountain chicken have been declared an endangered species and work is ongoing to save them  through a captive breeding program with the hope of reintroducing them back to their natural habitat. Due to this unfortunate  turn of event there had been a growing need for an alternative national dish for Dominica and by way of a national poll a consensus decision was made to introduce the Callaloo Dish  as Dominica National Dish , chosen among  local dishes  such as Sancoche, Titiwi, Agouti, Manicou, Broth, Fig and Codfish.

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